With the uncertain political environment, business owners and individual tax payers need a proactive CPA firm that matches opportunities to save taxes to the client’s specific fact situation. Anthony (Di) DiPiazza, CPA, has over 30 years of experience and is recognized as an expert in this important practice area. He works closely with the leading estate and tax attorneys in the community

DLHC monitors changes in tax legislation, keeps you posted through newsletters and tax planning tools on our website and sets up face to face meetings to explain the opportunities and tax saving strategies in a clear and concise manner.

We anticipate that family owned businesses share similar goals: secure long term profitability, minimize income taxes and build family wealth. Our recommendations are made with these goals in mind. With the resumption of estate taxes in 2011 and beyond, DLHC’s estate planning professionals help with strategies to reduce estate taxes by passing assets with the greatest potential for appreciation to the next generation through gifting and by using the best tax saving vehicles, such as trusts, to plan transactions. We work closely with law firms that have in depth estate and gift tax planning specializations.

DLHC values the importance of planning for retirement well in advance of your retirement date. As trusted advisors, we prefer to work closely with your attorney, broker and insurance agent to bring together the best retirement package. We do not receive commissions from selling insurance or investment products. Our only motivation is to put the best personal financial planning strategies in place for you.