Don Andra, CPA leads class action settlement administration efforts of DLHC. Don's experience as a settlement administrator was developed through his work as a testifying and consulting expert in various class action matters working with both plaintiff and defense counsel. As a result of this experience, he fully understands the class action process and the responsibilities of a settlement administrator. This includes providing notices, processing claims (electronically, phone or mail), calculating settlement benefits of each claimant and distributing benefits.

One of the national cases involved 1.1 million claims contained in three distinct databases. The databases were reviewed and scrubbed by DLHC specialists to remove duplicate entries. Don worked with Peter Rigney of Annunciation Interactive to develop a website that incorporated the functionality required to allow class members to register, opt out and provide changes of address information. The website provided each participant with clear and concise guidance concerning the settlement proposal.

Don served as the administrator of a case that involved 1.7 million notifications and handling the settlement of over 250,000 paper claims. Don worked closely with a national printing company to secure high quality printing at a reasonable cost.

Successful settlement administration requires clear communication with the lead attorneys and translating the needs and expectations to other team members including the website designer and the printing company.

We strive to provide mail notices at the lowest possible printing and postage cost. If possible, we recommend the use of postcards or self-mailers to eliminate the cost of the envelope and inserting the notice. If notices can be mailed using standard postage, we drop ship to the U.S. Postal Service distribution centers to further reduce postage cost. We obtain bids for the printing to keep costs under control. For a job this size we would also request the printer to bid the paper cost.

If publication notice is required, we obtain the 15% agency discount and pass that savings through. We also use space saving fonts and work to keep the ad size as small as possible but still be legible.

For settlement benefits issued in the form of vouchers, DLHC uses high quality security paper to prevent duplication and other features to prevent fraud. For settlement benefits issued in the form of checks, DLHC uses positive pay accounts to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent checks.

DLHC's approach to settlement administration is to provide notice, process claims, and distribute settlement benefits as efficiently as possible. Please contact us for references from satisfied clients.

As a CPA firm, we sell professional service and, therefore, all direct costs are passed through without mark up. The hourly billing rates for professionals involved range from $55 to $225. Once we are provided the necessary details, we can prepare a cost estimate.